Lauren Cooper

Doctoral student
Electrical Engineering
Anticipated Graduation: December 2024

[email protected]

Lauren Cooper headshot


Research Area: Optics and Photonics
Advisor: Prof. Almantas Galvanauskas

Research Project: Lauren’s current research project involves using novel physical setups with fiber lasers to achieve higher energies/pulse for few-cycle pulses than previously completed with simple setups. The ultimate goal is to do coherent pulse stacking in order to reach the highest energies possible. The applications for this research are far-ranging, from providing the bursts for next-generation particle accelerators to advancements in attosecond science. 


  • BS Mechanical Engineering, Western Kentucky University



  • Running
  • Film photography
  • Cooking
  • Reading the classics
  • Learning Russian

Lauren Says

“The University of Michigan is synonymous with a wealth of opportunities. The variety of classes available is not to be surpassed in quality by the professors who teach them with enthusiasm. There are countless organization and clubs to become involved with, and everyone is very welcoming and friendly. Besides all of the opportunities, though, one of the best aspects about going to the University of Michigan is being swept up into the passion everyone has for the University. I am proud to be able to say ‘Go Blue!’ everywhere I go!”