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3.4 Program Information


The ECE 3.4 Program was created to facilitate entry into the graduate program for qualified students.


To be eligible for the 3.4 Program, student must satisfy the following minimum requirements:

  • Have completed at least 80 credits towards a Bachelor’s degree
  • Major in EE or CE
  • Major (i.e., all EECS coursework) GPA of 3.4 or better upon application and graduation of bachelor’s degree
  • Overall GPA of 3.4 or better upon application and graduation of bachelor’s degree

Application Process 

The application process is the same as the normal application process with some exceptions (No GRE scores or Letters of Recommendation required).

3.4 Student Instructions

  • Complete your Plan of Study.
  • Meet with an ECE graduate academic advisor to sign the Plan of Study.
  • Complete a EECS Course GPA Calculation Form.
  • Complete Rackham Graduate School Application.
    • Select the following degree program:
      • Electrical Engineering & Computer Science – Electrical & Computer Engineering
    • On page 5, make sure to upload your UMich transcript from Wolverine Access (unofficial is okay).
    • In the recommendation section, put first name: “Three Four Program,” last name “Waived by Dept” with the email ece-grad-program@umich.edu.  Select “Yes” for use the online recommendation system. 
    • For the academic statement of purpose, upload a copy of your ECE Plan of Study and EECS Course GPA Calculation form as one document. 
  • Students will be notified of the final decision approximately 4-6 weeks after the deadline. 


** Fall 2020 admissions deadline extended to June 5, 2020 **

To start in September (Fall Term): January 15
To start in January (Winter Term): October 1


You will be considered for admission without the GRE and letters of recommendation if you meet the above criteria.

Admission to the 3.4 Program is not automatic. This program provides special consideration for our undergraduate EECS students to facilitate admission for the master degree. The program to which the student has applied will make an admissions decision based on the submitted material.

Admission to the 3.4 Program does not mean that you are admitted to the PhD program.

If you are submitting GRE scores and letters of recommendation, you should apply as a regular student and NOT the 3.4 Program.

Once admitted, you cannot defer your admission to a later date.

Note for students interested in the PhD

Undergraduate students who are seriously interested in the PhD program are not likely to benefit significantly from the 3.4 Program (since PhD students must take more than 30 graduate credits). 

Students are encouraged to apply directly for a PhD Program rather than 3.4 Program, which will make them eligible for funding. 

Students who become interested in pursuing a PhD while pursuing the Master’s should take the GRE and apply for the PhD program (and funding) in the usual way.

Transfer Credits

Rackham allows students to transfer from an undergraduate transcript to the graduate transcript up to 15 credits of graduate level coursework that were not used to satisfy any BS requirement. 

3.4 Program students may similarly transfer graduate level credits that were not used to satisfy any BS requirement, provided the total of transferred credits does not exceed 15. The credit hours must be the whole credit hours. Course cannot split credit hours of courses.