Dual Majoring

CE and EE students are able to pursue a dual major with another CoE department. Students considering adding a second major should be aware of the following: 

  • Dual CoE majors must earn at least 142 CTP before graduation. 
  • Dual CoE majors pursuing two EECS majors must complete an additional 14 credits of technical coursework beyond what’s shared between two majors.

CE or EE students looking to add another major within the College of Engineering should contact the advising office of the second major they wish to add in order to declare. 

Multiple Dependent Degree Program (MDDP)

Students hoping to declare two majors housed within different schools/colleges must apply for MDDP. Approval is required from both units in order to participate. 

CE or EE students looking to add another major outside of the College of Engineering should follow these steps:

  1. Submit your completed MDDP form to the College of Engineering Office of Recruitment and Admissions ([email protected]) for a signature to confirm whether or not you have met the CoE cross-campus transfer requirements. If approved and signed, schedule an advising appointment with a CE or EE advisor to declare our major and learn about your requirements. 
  2. Submit your signed MDDP application to your newly selected home unit (see options below): 
    1. College of Engineering: [email protected] 
    2. LSA: [email protected] 
    3. Ross: [email protected]
  3. Once your MDDP form is processed and your second major appears on your unofficial transcript, email [email protected] to request the official addition of your CE or EE major to your file.