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Research in ECE

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Applied Electromagnetics and RF Circuits

Applied Electromagnetics & RF Circuits

Applied electromagnetics plays an essential role in areas such as wireless technologies, the environment, life sciences, transportation, and more.

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Voxel Pedestrians

Computer Vision

Our faculty are exploring a number of critical problems in the area of computer vision, with a focus on the analysis and modeling of visual scenes from static images as well as video sequences.

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Control Systems

Applications for control include such areas as cyber-physical systems, biological systems, networks, production lines, and biped locomotion.

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Embedded Systems

Embedded Systems

The market is booming for embedded systems such as computers in vehicles, wireless sensors, medical devices, wearable fitness devices, and smartphones.

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engineering education research

ECE Education Research

Scholars focus on and apply research methods from education, learning sciences, and social-behavioral sciences to advance the success of engineering.

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computer on the edge of a nickel

Integrated Circuits & VLSI

Specialties include analog circuits, data converters, digital circuits, energy harvesting, hardware DSP implementation, low power circuits, RF circuits, and sensing systems.

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mems and microsystems

MEMS & Microsystems

This research area encompasses projects on a variety of micromachined sensors and actuators and on integrated microsystems that combine these components.

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Networking Worldwide Graphic

Network, Communication, and Information Systems

Communications research at U-M is investigating the fundamental limits of performance possible in communication systems and communication networks and the practical methods of achieving close to the fundamental limits.

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optics and photonics

Optics & Photonics

The Optics and Photonics laboratories conduct research in the general areas of photonics, quantum optoelectronics, and ultrafast optical science.

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Plasma science and engineering

Plasma Science and Engineering

Investigating fundamental transport and reaction chemistry of partially ionized gases and their application to technologies ranging from lighting sources, lasers, and sensors to materials processing, biotechnology, microelectronics fabrication, and space sciences.

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power and energy

Power & Energy

Energy is one of the most crucial aspects to our world today. From climate change to environmental justice to security and health, power and energy plays a major role in shaping the future.

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quantum science and engineering

Quantum Science & Technology

Quantum science and devices is a research area that is developing new concepts and hardware for information processing and communications using theoretical computer science, atomic physics and optics.

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Cassie the robot

Robotics & Autonomous Systems

We work to improve the information gathering, computing, and decision making platforms to mobilize fully autonomous robots and systems.

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signal & image processing and machine learning

Signal & Image Processing and Machine Learning

Our research is developing new models, methods, and technologies that will continue to impact diagnostic and therapeutic medicine, radar imaging, sensor networking, image compression, communications, and other areas.

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solid-state and nanotechnology

Solid-State Devices & Nanotechnology

Research projects in the Solid-State area cover a wide variety of topics from integrated photonics and optoelectronics to semiconductor materials to high-frequency devices and integrated circuits to nanoscience and the development of nanotechnogies.

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