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Student Life & Wellness

Student group at bowling alley

Wellness Resources

Health and counseling resources, as well as university guidelines and policies.

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student with exoskeleton pulling a heavy dummy shaped like a man

Student Organizations

Most popular student Groups/Teams/Clubs involving ECE students. Develop your tech skills while building a network of lifelong friends.

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group photo of student ambassadors

Student Ambassadors Program

Student ambassadors are the student representatives for the ECE department at alumni, recruiting, and fundraising events. Contact them with questions about the department.

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Intel Group Expedition

ECE Expeditions

Students get behind-the-scenes access to a variety of companies and fields through tours, alumni panels, and lab demos.

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Student and mentor

Alumni Interactive Mentorship (AIM)

Students and alumni are matched based on location, research interests, and career goals for one-on-one mentoring.

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Flag hallway in Pierpont Commons

Creating an Inclusive Community

Resources for submitting questions/concerns/suggestions about our culture and climate, as well as reporting.

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