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PhDs and Postdocs on the Job Market

Aporva Amarnath
Aporva AmarnathPhD CandidateWebsiteExpertise: Computer Architecture, Systems for beyond-Moore technologies, Heterogeneous SystemsDissertation topic: Towards Building Efficient and Reliable Emerging Technology SystemsPreferred employment: Industry or GovernmentAdvisor: Ronald DreslinskiExpected date available: 08/30/2021
Javad Bagherzadeh
Javad BagherzadehPostdoctoral ResearcherWebsiteExpertise: FPGA Design, RTL Design, Novel Architectures, 3D computer chips, ReliabilityDissertation topic: Novel architectures and design technologies for reliable computing and experimental 3D computer chipsPreferred employment: IndustryAdvisor: Ronald DreslinskiExpected date available: 12/31/2020
Subarno Banerjee
Subarno BanerjeePhD CandidateWebsiteExpertise: Programming Languages, Software EngineeringDissertation topic: Robust, Reliable, and Repairable Systems with Targeted Program AnalysesPreferred employment: Industry or AcademiaAdvisor: Satish NarayanasamyExpected date available: 08/30/2021
Huxley Bennett
Huxley BennettPostdoctoral ResearcherWebsiteExpertise: Theoretical computer science, algorithms, computational complexity, latticesDissertation topic: Lattices and geometric algorithmsPreferred employment: AcademiaAdvisor: Chris PeikertExpected date available: 08/15/2021
Tsenguun Byambadorj
Tsenguun ByambadorjPhD CandidateWebsiteExpertise: MEMS, Microfabrication, Cleanroom, Plasma etch, Photolithography, Gas pumpDissertation topic: Monolithic High-Flow Multi-Stage Knudsen Pump for μGC ApplicationsPreferred employment: IndustryAdvisor: Yogesh GianchandaniExpected date available: 08/31/2021
Anindya Das Antar
Anindya Das AntarPhD CandidateWebsiteExpertise: Computational Modeling, Patient Behavior Modeling, HCI, Applied MLDissertation topic: Behavior-based Healthcare Interventions Utilizing Computational ModelingPreferred employment: Academia, Industry or GovernmentAdvisor: Nikola BanovicExpected date available: 05/03/2024
Hossein Golestani
Hossein GolestaniPhD CandidateWebsiteExpertise: Computer architecture, datacenter systemsDissertation topic: Architectural support for software data planesPreferred employment: Industry or GovernmentAdvisor: Thomas F. WenischExpected date available: 08/31/2021
Nasimeh Heydaribeni
Nasimeh HeydaribeniPhD CandidateWebsiteExpertise: Game Theory, Stochastic Control, Mechanism Design, Information Design, Dynamic Games, Queueing Systems, Resource AllocationDissertation topic: Analysis and Design of Information Transmission in Networks of Strategic AgentsPreferred employment: Industry or AcademiaAdvisor: Achilleas AnastasopoulosExpected date available: 12/21/2021
Yu Huang
Yu HuangPhD CandidateWebsiteExpertise: Software Engineering; Human Factors; Medical Imaging; Mobile SensingDissertation topic: Understanding User Cognition: From Spatial Ability to Code Writing and Review.Preferred employment: Industry or AcademiaAdvisor: Westley WeimerExpected date available: 05/01/2021
Peter Lindes
Peter LindesPhD CandidateExpertise: AI, cognitive modeling, language comprehensionDissertation topic: A computational model of human language comprehensionPreferred employment: Industry or AcademiaAdvisor: John LairdExpected date available: 06/30/2021
Lajanugen Logeswaran
Lajanugen LogeswaranPhD CandidateWebsiteExpertise: Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language ProcessingDissertation topic: Text Understanding from Limited Supervision: Representation Learning, Transfer Learning and Few-shot LearningPreferred employment: IndustryAdvisor: Honglak LeeExpected date available: 04/30/2021
Kyle Min
Kyle MinPhD CandidateWebsiteExpertise: Computer Vision, Deep LearningDissertation topic: Video Understanding with Deep AttentionPreferred employment: Industry or AcademiaAdvisor: Dr. Jason J. CorsoExpected date available: 08/20/2021
Aditya Modi
Aditya ModiPhD CandidateWebsiteExpertise: Reinforcement Learning, Machine learning, Statistical learning theoryDissertation topic: Utilizing Structure for Efficient Exploration in Reinforcement Learning: Contextual, Multi-task and Representation LearningPreferred employment: Industry or AcademiaAdvisor: Satinder Baveja, Ambuj TewariExpected date available: 08/30/2021
Sung Park
Sung ParkPhD CandidateExpertise: Compiler, System for MLDissertation topic: Compiler Auto-tuning for Code OptimizationPreferred employment: Industry or GovernmentAdvisor: Scott MahlkeExpected date available: 05/30/2021
Janarthanan Rajendran
Janarthanan RajendranPhD CandidateWebsiteExpertise: Reinforcement Learning and Deep LearningPreferred employment: AcademiaAdvisor: Satinder SinghExpected date available: 04/30/2021
Sara Shoouri
Sara ShoouriPhD CandidateWebsiteExpertise: Signal Processing and Machine LearningDissertation topic: PhD StudentPreferred employment: AcademiaAdvisor: Hun Seok KimExpected date available: 04/30/2024
Jie Song
Jie SongPhD CandidateWebsiteExpertise: Dataset search, data mashup, data integration, entity matching, data quality, data provenance, data documentation, data reproducibilityDissertation topic: Facilitating Location and Use of Socio-economic Data with Minimal User InterventionPreferred employment: Industry or AcademiaAdvisor: H. V. JagadishExpected date available: 04/30/2021
Akshitha Sriraman
Akshitha SriramanPhD CandidateWebsiteExpertise: Computer Architecture, Software Systems, Data Center-Scale ComputingDissertation topic: Enabling Hyperscale Web ServicesPreferred employment: AcademiaAdvisor: Thomas F. WenischExpected date available: 05/31/2021
Ryan Szeto
Ryan SzetoPhD CandidateWebsiteExpertise: Computer vision, video inpainting, generative video models, deep learning, machine learningDissertation topic: Instance-Tailored Generative Models for Video InpaintingPreferred employment: Industry or GovernmentAdvisor: Jason J. CorsoExpected date available: 05/31/2021
Dengwang Tang
Dengwang TangPhD CandidateWebsiteExpertise: stochastic dynamic systems; dynamic games; stochastic control; information design; queuing systems; applied probabilityDissertation topic: Analysis of Games in Multi-Agent Dynamic SystemsPreferred employment: AcademiaAdvisor: Vijay SubramanianExpected date available: 08/31/2021
Haozhu Wang
Haozhu WangPhD CandidateWebsiteExpertise: Machine Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial IntelligencePreferred employment: Industry or AcademiaExpected date available: 04/01/2022
Ren Wang
Ren WangPostdoctoral ResearcherWebsiteExpertise: Adversarial Machine Learning; Deep Learning; High-Dimensional Data Analysis; Bio-Inspired Learning; Smart GridPreferred employment: Industry or AcademiaAdvisor: Prof. Alfred HeroExpected date available: 10/05/2021
Jianing Yang
Jianing YangPhD CandidateWebsiteExpertise: Robot NLP, Multimodal Machine LearningPreferred employment: Industry or AcademiaAdvisor: Joyce ChaiExpected date available: 08/01/2025

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