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PhDs and Postdocs on the Job Market

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Yen-Cheng Chang
Yen-Cheng Chang PhD CandidateWebsiteExpertise: Signal & Image Processing, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Optimization Algorithm, Artificial IntelligenceDissertation topic: Machine Learning ResearcherPreferred employment: IndustryAdvisor: Pei ZhangExpected date available: 06/10/2023
K Ritsuka
K Ritsuka Postdoctoral Researcherthey/themWebsiteExpertise: Decentralized Problems of Discrete-event SystemsDissertation topic: Decentralized Problems of Discrete-Event Systems: Epistemic Reasoning and Graph RepresentationPreferred employment: Industry or AcademiaAdvisor: Stephane LafortuneExpected date available: 12/31/2024
Sara Shoouri
Sara Shoouri PhD CandidateWebsiteExpertise: Signal Processing and Machine LearningDissertation topic: PhD StudentPreferred employment: AcademiaAdvisor: Hun Seok KimExpected date available: 04/30/2024
Winston Wang
Winston Wang PhD CandidateHe/HimWebsiteExpertise: Communication Systems and Machine LearningPreferred employment: IndustryAdvisor: Hun Seok KimExpected date available: 05/22/2027

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