Electrical and Computer Engineering
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Spotlights and History: Electrical and Computer Engineering at Michigan

The history of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) at Michigan reaches back to 1889, when the first course in electrical engineering was taught at Michigan.

It is a discipline founded by some of the greatest inventors in modern history – whose inventions have transformed our world.

Electrical and computer engineers brought light to the darkness, power and energy to the world, wired and wireless communications to connect us all, sensing techniques and devices for health and security, computers, and the processing and dissemination of information. ECE is the foundation of modern society. 

Narrative History

Read about the history of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Michigan, and be treated to some early photos from the Bentley Historical Library.

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ECE Chairs

Read about the remarkable men and women that have led, and are leading, Electrical and Computer Engineering at Michigan.

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ECE Innovation

Read about some of the innovative technology that has been developed in ECE.
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Department Spotlights

Snapshots of some key, and some fun, moments in the department.
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Spotlight on our Alumni

Snapshots of just a few of the remarkable alumni in ECE
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