ECE Postdoctoral Researchers

Fariba Abbasi Aghdam Meinagh

Abbasi Aghdam Meinagh, Fariba

Research Interests: Coding theory, Information theory and machine learning with applications in telecommunications.Email:
Faris Alsolamy

Alsolamy, Faris

Email: Office: EECS
Laura Andre

Andre, Laura

Farzad Asgarian

Asgarian, Farzad

Email: Phone: (734) 764-4333Office: 2403A EECS
Davoud Ataee Tarzanagh

Ataee Tarzanagh, Davoud

Research Fellow
Seungkyu Choi

Choi, Seungkyu

Wanjae Dong

Dong, Wanjae

Research Fellow
Email: Office: 1301 Beal Ave.
Scott Doyle

Doyle, Scott

Research Fellow
Research Interests: Plasma Physics, Space Propulsion, Nuclear FusionWebsiteEmail: Office: 2239 EECS
Vittorino Lanzio

Lanzio, Vittorino

Research Fellow
Curt Laubscher

Laubscher, Curt

Email: Office: 1301 Beal Avenue
Peicheng Li

Li, Peicheng

Email: Office: 1301/EECS
Bin Liu

Liu, Bin

Research Fellow
Email: Office: 2223 EECS
Jose Roberto Lopez Ruiz

Lopez Ruiz, Jose Roberto

Research Fellow
Reddeppa Maddaka

Maddaka, Reddeppa

Yiqian Mao

Mao, Yiqian

Research Fellow
Mackenzie Meyer

Meyer, Mackenzie

Email: Office: 2233 EECS
Jungwook Min

Min, Jungwook

Research Interests: Group III-V compound semiconductor epitaxy and micro-LEDEmail:
Sebastian Nugroho

Nugroho, Sebastian

Research Fellow
Research Interests: Control Systems, Engineering Optimization, Cyber-Physical Systems, Smart GridsWebsiteEmail: Office: 4402 EECS
Tugba Piskin

Piskin, Tugba

Research Fellow
Email: Office: 2233 EECS
Jorge Ruiz Garcia

Ruiz Garcia, Jorge

Research Interests: Applied Electromagnetics for the design of metasurface antennas and beam-formers.WebsiteEmail:
Dogyoon Song

Song, Dogyoon

Research Fellow
Songtao Tang

Tang, Songtao

Gray Thomas

Thomas, Gray

Research Fellow
Research Interests: Control Systems; Robotics and Autonomous SystemsWebsiteEmail: Office: 2310 EECS
Maartje Van den Bogaard

Van den Bogaard, Maartje

EER Research Fellow
Email: Office: 3223 EECS
Danhao Wang

Wang, Danhao

Research Interests: III-nitride Materials; Optoelectronic Devices; Photoelectrochemical Devices; Energy Conversion; Molecular Beam EpitaxyWebsiteEmail:
Ding Wang

Wang, Ding

Research Fellow
Peng Wang

Wang, Peng

Ping Wang

Wang, Ping

Research Fellow
Research Interests: Advanced III-V semiconductors and their applications in optoelectronic and electronic devices.Email:
Ren Wang

Wang, Ren

Research Fellow
Research Interests: Adversarial Machine Learning; Deep Learning; High-Dimensional Data Analysis; Bio-Inspired Learning; Smart GridWebsiteEmail:
Yutong Wang

Wang, Yutong

Qile Wu

Wu, Qile

Research Fellow
Research Interests: Optics and Photonics; Quantum Science and Technology; Solid-State Devices and NanotechnologyEmail: Office: 6011 ERB1
Yuanpeng Wu

Wu, Yuanpeng

Research Fellow
Email: Phone: (734) 763-5022
Xiaojian Xu

Xu, Xiaojian

Research Interests: Computational Imaging, Optimization, Deep Learning, Computer VisionWebsiteEmail: Office: 4125 EECS
Behzad Yektakhah

Yektakhah, Behzad

Research Fellow
Email: Phone: (734) 763-8162Office: 3219 EECS
Peng Zhou

Zhou, Peng

Research Fellow