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Alumni Spotlights

Ruba Borno

MS PHD EE 2003 2008
Vice President and General Manager of Cisco Managed Services, helping plot the tech giant’s future.
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Katie Bouman

BSE EE 2011
Key member in the Event Horizon Telescope project that brought us the first-ever image of a black hole.
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Todd Coleman

BSE CE & EE 2000
Professor in the Department of Bioengineering at the University of California, San Diego.
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Mariesa Crow

BSE EE 1985
Fred Finley Distinguished Professor of Electrical Engineering and Vice Provost for Research at Missouri S&T.
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Andrew Farah

BSE CE 1982; MSE Electrical Science 1984
Chief Engineer of the Volt – the world’s best-selling plug-in hybrid vehicle.
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Rhonda Franklin

MS PhD 1990 1995
Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at
University of Minnesota.
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Hannah Goldberg

BSE MSE EE 2003 2004
One of the first employees at Planetary Resources, an asteroid mining company.
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Scott Hanson

BSE MSE PhD EE 2004 2006 2009
Co-founded Ambiq Micro, which leads the world in energy efficient microcontroller (MCU) design.
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Angelique Johnson

MSE PhD EE 2007 2011
Makes one of the most expensive parts of cochlear implants cheap with microfabrication.
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Bill Joy 

BSE CompE 1975
Co-founded Sun Microsystems and designed UNIX and Java.
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Leo McAfee

MS PhD 1967 1970
Prof. Leo McAfee was committed to outreach among minority students throughout his nearly 40 years at U-M.
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Steve McLaughlin

PhD EE 1992
Chair of the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Georgia Tech.

Steve Mollenkopf

MSE EE 1993
CEO of Qualcomm, the world’s leading developer of mobile computing technology.
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Mitch Rohde

BSE EE 1994; MS EE:S 1996; MS PhD BME 1997 2000
Founder of Quantum Signal, which works on projects from self-driving cars to facial recognition for skincare.
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Michael Stonebraker

MS PhD 1966 1971
Relational database pioneer and Turing Award Winner.
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Richard Wallace

BSE EE 1982
President and CEO of semiconductor giant, KLA.
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Nick Yang

BSE EE 1997
Co-founder of KongZhong Corporation and ChinaRen Inc.
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Dawson Yee

MSE EE 1987
Architect for the fastest-selling product in consumer electronics history – XBox Kinect.
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