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ECE Committee for an Inclusive Department

The ECE Committee for an Inclusive Department seeks to create a culture and environment that values diversity and inclusion in all its affairs; where students and faculty of diverse backgrounds are recruited, included, valued, mentored, and provided opportunities for advancement.

NOTE: Those who are required to report instances of harassment or other forms of misconduct are labeled “Individual with Reporting Obligations.” The others are labeled “Not an Individual with Reporting Obligations.”

Herbert Winful

Prof. Herbert Winful
Individual with Reporting Obligations
Email: arrays@umich.edu
Phone: (734) 647-1804
Office: 3106 ERB

Al-Thaddeus Avestruz

Prof. Al-Thaddeus Avestruz
Individual with Reporting Obligations
Phone: (734) 763-3183
Office: 4118 EECS

Louise Willingale

Prof. Louise Willingale
Individual with Reporting Obligations
Phone: (734) 647-9543
Office: 6109 ERB-1

Hessam Mahdavifar

Hessam Mahdavifar
Individual with Reporting Obligations
Phone: (734) 647-8634
Office: 4110 EECS

Kristen Thornton

Kristen Thornton
Not an Individual with Reporting Obligations
ECE PhD Graduate Coordinator
Phone: (734) 647-1758
Office: 3403 EECS