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Information & Resources for recent graduates and graduating students

As a graduate of the University of Michigan, you are a part of the largest alumni network in the world – a family of over 600,000. Michigan alumni are a dedicated and loyal group, and are always excited to meet a fellow Michigan Wolverine. There are several ways you can stay in involved:

  • Update your contact information to receive updates from Michigan ECE.
  • Join ECE’s Alumni Interactive Mentoring (AIM) program to connect with other ECE alumni and mentor a current student. You have valuable first-hand knowledge that would be helpful to current/incoming undergraduate and graduate students.
  • For those staying in Michigan, we have several volunteer opportunities throughout the semester. You’re welcome to email Ann Stals directly and let her know if you’re interested in participating.
  • Check out our Alumni Events webpage and don’t forget about Homecoming!

The Alumni Association offers many opportunities and support. As a new grad, you can find career resources, access to Alumni clubs and Alumni Online communities for conversation, advice, networking, and groups around whatever interests you.

Wherever you go, Go Blue!