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Research Scientists and Investigators

Alexander Benken

Benken, Alexander

Research Investigator
Research Interests: MEMS and MicrosystemsEmail: Phone: (734) 763-5022Office: 2401 EECS
Paul Campbell

Campbell, Paul

Assistant Research Scientist
Email: Phone: (734) 763-4875Office: 2026 Carl A. Gerstacker Bldg.
Matthias Florian

Florian, Matthias

Research Investigator
Email: Phone: (734) 763-4875Office: 2104 ERB1
David Garmire

Garmire, David

Associate Research ScientistLEO Lecturer I
Email: Office: 2408 EECS
Bixue Hou

Hou, Bixue

Associate Research Scientist
Email: Phone: (734) 647-0122Office: 2020 Carl A. Gerstacker Bldg.
Seok-hyeon Jeong

Jeong, Seok-hyeon

Assistant Research Scientist
Research Interests: Low power sensor interface, clock generation, and system design.WebsiteEmail: Phone: (734) 936-1956Office: 2431 EECS
Gyouho Kim

Kim, Gyouho

Assistant Research Scientist
Research Interests: System-level design and integration of ultra-low power ICs in the context of next generation IoT wireless sensors.Email: Phone: (734) 615-2886Office: 2435 EECS
2670 Beyster
Yongxi Li

Li, Yongxi

Assistant Research Scientist
Research Interests: Design and fabrication of organic electronics for a variety of applications such as organic photovoltaics, organic light emitting diodes and  organic transistors.Email: Phone: (734) 647-5809Office: 2225 EECS
Shuai Liu

Liu, Shuai

Assistant Research Scientist
Research Interests: Integrated Photonics, Nanofabrication, Nonlinear Optics, and  Quantum OpticsEmail: Phone: (734) 763-3260Office: EECS Building
Jose Roberto Lopez Ruiz

Lopez Ruiz, Jose Roberto

Research Investigator
Anatoly Maksimchuk

Maksimchuk, Anatoly M.

Research Scientist
Research Interests: Laser-matter interaction at relativistic intensities, table-top particle accelerators, high-power short pulse lasers.Email: Phone: (734) 763-4875Office: 2014 Carl A. Gerstacker Bldg.
Adib Nashashibi

Nashashibi, Adib Y.

Associate Research ScientistIntermittent LEO Lecturer
Research Interests: Microwave and millimeter-wave remote sensing, antennas, radar technology, wave propagation.WebsiteEmail: Phone: (734) 764-1091Office: 3227 EECS
John Nees

Nees, John A.

Research Scientist
Research Interests: Formation of ultra-intense optical pulses in solid-state lasers for applications in high-field physicsEmail: Phone: (734) 763-4875Office: 2018 Carl A. Gerstacker Bldg.
Jon-Fredrik Nielsen

Nielsen, Jon-Fredrik

Research Associate Professor, Biomedical EngineeringResearch Associate Professor (Courtesy), Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Email: Phone: (734) 647-7728Office: 2360 Bonisteel 1067 BIRB
Leland Pierce

Pierce, Leland E.

Associate Research ScientistLEO Lecturer I
Research Interests: Development of image processing techniques for radar remote sensing, Scattering models for natural targetsWebsiteEmail: Phone: (734) 763-3157Office: 3237 EECS
Yutao Qin

Qin, Yutao

Associate Research Scientist
Research Interests: Microscale gas chromatographs, gas sensors, and gas pumps.Email: Phone: (734) 936-0069Office: 2213 EECS
Mehdi Saligane

Saligane, Mehdi

Assistant Research Scientist
WebsiteEmail: Phone: (734) 615-3499Office: 2431 EECS
Armin Sarabi

Sarabi, Armin

Assistant Research ScientistIntermittent Lecturer
Research Interests: Data-driven security, Internet measurement, machine learning, security economicsWebsiteEmail: Phone: (734) 647-1813Office: 4230B EECS
Wei Tang

Tang, Wei

Assistant Research Scientist
Research Interests: Multi-chiplet system design, algorithm, architecture, and implementations for MIMO communication, FEC, machine learning, and signal processing systems.Email: Phone: (734) 764-3345Office: 2435 EECS
Ding Wang

Wang, Ding

Assistant Research Scientist
Yuanpeng Wu

Wu, Yuanpeng

Research Investigator
Research Interests: Epitaxy, design and fabrication of III-nitride heterostructures for applications in high-performance optoelectronics and quantum devices.WebsiteEmail: Phone: (734) 763-5022
Steven Young

Young, Steven

Assistant Research Scientist
Research Interests: Electromagnetic metasurfaces, dielectric structures, time-varying structures, nonlinear electromagnetics.Email: Phone: (734) 764-3370Office: 3223 EECS
Bingxing Zhang

Zhang, Bingxing

Assistant Research Scientist
Research Interests: Photo/electrochemical energy materials and devices for applications in solar fuels, artificial photosynthesis, and clean energy.WebsiteEmail: Office: EECS