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Excellence in ECE Honor Roll

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The Excellence in ECE Honor Roll recognizes students who’ve gone above and beyond in service to the ECE department through their contributions to department-specific events and programming designed to foster an inclusive, supportive community for all.

Every year, the ECE department will publish the list of Honor Roll inductees as a featured story on our website and social media. We encourage you to list this recognition on your résumé/CV/LinkedIn.

Eligible Events/Activities

  • All contributions done between May 1st, 2021 and April 30th, 2022
  • Events/programming run by the ECE Department. (See examples below)
  • Activity done on behalf of an organization if the event is still run by the ECE department. For example, serving as a panelist on behalf of GOSTEM for ECE’s Spirit Day luncheon
  • NOTE: We recognize many students may also be supporting ECE’s values through work done for student organizations, the college/university, non-University of Michigan organizations, as well as informal activities such as private mentorship of ECE students. You may submit these activities for potential consideration


  • Participating in DEI strategic meetings (e.g., speaking with staff/faculty about recruitment, culture, etc.)
  • Contributing to DEI-focused articles/promotional material (e.g., feature stories on Black Lives Matter or Women in Tech, etc.)
  • Planning/organizing department events (Juneteenth, Spirit Day, Lunar New Year, ECE Culture Club, etc.)
  • Being an active participant in an event (speaking as a panelist, leading discussions, hosting a Culture Club session, manning stations/tables, etc.)

Events/Activities ineligible for consideration

This honor roll is for volunteer activities only.

  • Service performed for monetary compensation is not eligible (i.e., work done for Electrify Tech Camps)
  • ECE Ambassadors can count their service EITHER for this award OR for the ambassadors program, NOT BOTH

How to apply

  • For each completed activity, fill out this form. You may submit as many activities as you like. Submissions will be compiled for each nominee
  • You may submit activity on behalf of yourself or a peer
  • DEADLINE TO SUBMIT: May 8th, 2022

Past Inductees