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Giving Opportunities

Create a Legacy

Name Your own ECE Professorship

Our faculty are the backbone of the department. They are teachers, mentors, researchers, entrepreneurs, and managers. They bring the latest technology to the classroom, they raise funds to conduct their research, they invite undergraduate students into their research groups to help them experience the thrill of cutting-edge research, and with their graduate students are boldly leading in technological and scientific territory.

Contact us to talk about setting up a professorship in the name of your choice. 

Name Your Own Endowed Fund

The global demand for engineers is increasing. In order to address this demand, ECE is focused on educating the engineering leaders of tomorrow. To continue to create a pool of exceptional engineering students, we must attract, enroll, and educate a highly qualified, diverse student body. ECE students are trained on industry-standard equipment and software, in state-of-the-art labs with limited enrollment so everyone gets that critical hands-on experience. Graduate students have often left high-paying jobs to pursue a more creative future through an advanced degree.

An essential component to the recruitment and retention of the best and brightest is adequate funding, which allows students to make the most of their Michigan Engineering education. Endowed funds also help us to fund student groups, student awards, and student activities.

Contact us to talk about setting up an endowed fund to support students and the activities of ECE.

Funds that Support ECE

Electrical and Computer Engineering Fund

Fund code: 313471

With an area as broad as Electrical and Computer Engineering, our faculty and students get involved in far-reaching and diverse activities. The ECE fund supports a wide variety of educational activities and initiatives, including research and professional opportunities for our students, community outreach, engagement of strategic partners, as well as a wide variety of initiatives developed to improve the educational experience of our students, and recognize and retain outstanding faculty and students.

ECE Junior Faculty Enhancement Fund

Fund code: 333616

It is often our young faculty that blaze new trails and pave the way for wide-ranging applications from single discoveries. In recognition of the importance of our younger faculty, we established this expendable fund to support our junior faculty. Their impact as role models, leaders, and innovators cannot be overstated. Supporting this fund will allow us to be more competitive in recruiting and retaining the best and brightest individuals – which is critical to our continued success.

ECE Scholars Fund

Fund code: 324665

This fund provides financial awards to offset the cost of tuition for ECE undergraduate and graduate students allowing our students to focus on their academic pursuits.

ECE Student Enrichment Fund

Fund code: 313473

In recent years, we have financially supported more than a dozen student teams and groups, sent students to leadership conferences, and offered departmental awards to some of our top students. The teams are competing and winning national and international contests. Our student groups provide Tech Talks and other professional opportunities as well as friendship and camaraderie. Supporting this fund allows us to continue and expand upon these activities.

Additional Funds

Please contact us if you would like to give to a fund not listed here. You may also visit the University of Michigan Giving website.

To give by check or by phone and for additional information for any of the above funds, click here.