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Careers in Electrical and Computer Engineering

With your background in electrical and computer engineering, whether in circuits, communication, control, computer architecture, electromagnetics, signal processing, optics, solid state, or power, you can be part of most any industry of your choosing. Here are some broad areas that require your expertise: 

Automotive Industry

ECE expertise is needed for the electronics, controls, safety systems, infotainment systems, and vehicle-to-vehicle communication, as well as designing hybrid, electric, and autonomous vehicles. Learn more >

Next-Gen Electronics and Computers

The most powerful computers of tomorrow will run on technologies we’ve only begun to see as computing continues to demand new ways of thinking. Learn more >

Information Tech and Data Science

ECE works to make sense of Big Data and patch holes in missing data. It can give you all the skills necessary to work any IT position imaginable. Learn more >

Power, Energy + Sustainability

Energy is one of the most crucial aspects to our world today. From climate change to environmental justice to security and health, power and energy plays a major role in shaping the future. Learn more >

Robotics and Autonomous Systems

Robotics and autonomy are key technologies of the future. The technology can enhance search and rescue operations, develop lifelike prosthetics, explore the space, and enable driverless vehicles. Learn more >

Sensing for Health + Safety

We use satellites to monitor the impacts of climate change, embedded computers to learn about our health and our home, and sensing devices to monitor crops, detect problems in infrastructure, and ensure safe air and water. Learn more >

Medical Technology

Doctors collaborate with electrical and computer engineers to create better techniques and tools for everything from diagnoses to surgical procedures. Learn more >

Space Research

Electrical and Computer Engineers are involved in key aspects of Space research and travel.
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