Electrical and Computer Engineering
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Dual Degree Instructions

Meet the following requirements:

  • Completed at least one semester at the UMich.
  • Have completed at least 6 credits of EECS 500+ level courses 
  • Have a UMich graduate GPA of 3.6 or higher
  • Determine if you have any program restrictions:
    • Students in the Computer Science and Engineering graduate program cannot add the ECE master’s degree.
    • Students should choose a major area that differs from the courses they take in their main program. For example, it is strongly recommended that Mechanical Engineering students choose another major area besides “Controls” or “Robotics”, or Applied Physics and Physics students choose another major area besides “Optics and Photonics”.
  • Complete the Rackham Application for Add a Degree (Dual Degree):
  • Prepare the following:
    • UMich transcript (unofficial is okay)
    • Plan of Study. You can review the ECE Course list here.
    • PhD students must have their PhD academic/research advisor complete this recommendation form.
    • Students planning to get more than one master’s degree or certificate should complete the Add a Degree Election Form (Recommended, not required. This explains how many credits can count towards two programs and provides a guide to plan your courses accordingly. You will be required to complete this form when you graduate.)
  • Meet with an ECE graduate academic advisor to sign the Plan of Study.
  • Submit all materials to the PhD Graduate Coordinator or the MS Graduate Coordinator by the deadlines below. 
  • You should receive an admission decision approximately 4-6 weeks after your submit your application.


To add degree during the Winter 2021 Term: January 15, 2021

To add degree during the Fall 2021 Term: August 25, 2021