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Careers: Space

Agriculture | Black Holes | Electric Propulsion | Sensing from Space

In ECE, we are propelling rockets without traditional fuel systems to launch satellites out of orbit; sending some of the most sensitive antennas and sensors into space on NASA missions; monitoring the soil for effective agriculture; pioneering new techniques for measuring ice and snow to get a bigger picture of our changing climate; and investigating cosmic events that affect our planet.

Beyond Apollo 11

For the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, U-M ECE takes a look back – and a look forward – to how our professors, students, and alums have made their mark on the field. Learn more >

Impact of Plasma in Space

Louise Willingale’s research in plasma physics advances many research areas from spectacular astrophysical phenomena to cancer treatment to fusion power. Learn more >

Cyber-physical Systems in Space

Next-gen space missions require autonomous systems to operate without human intervention for long periods. Learn more >

Satellite Propulsion

Former grad student Iverson Bell worked on tiny satellites that can be flung into the atmosphere with electromagnetic tethers. Learn more >