Grade Policy

For the Computer Engineering major (CE), Electrical Engineering major (EE), and Electrical Engineering minor:

In Electrical and Computer Engineering, all College of Engineering Common Requirements (chemistry, physics, engineering, and mathematics courses), Program Core, Major Design Experience, Upper Level Electives, EECS Electives and Flexible Technical Electives require a letter grade of C or higher to be considered satisfactory. These requirements cannot be taken pass/fail. 

NOTE: An unsatisfactory grade in a required course must be repeated earning a grade of C or better. A technical elective may be repeated (earning a grade of C or better) or replaced by another course approved by the Chief Program Advisor.

Students have the option to take General Electives and Intellectual Breadth courses as pass/fail (P/F) under the following conditions set by the College of Engineering

  • A maximum of 14 credit hours can be taken P/F throughout a degree. 
  • Courses taken P/F do not count toward a student’s GPA and do not generate honor points. 
  • No more than 2 courses per full term can be taken P/F (no more than 1 course for part time students or a half-term semester). 
  • The instructor of the course does not know a student has elected the course as P/F and issues grades to students as normal. After grades are submitted, the Registrar’s Office translates P/F grades as follows: 
    • A+ through C- = Pass (P) 
    • D+ through E = Fail (F)