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Grad Course List

This page provides a list of graduate-level ECE courses. The courses are divided into the 12 research areas a graduate student can major in.

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M = Counts as a Major Area course automatically
E = Counts as a Major Area course after approval by an advisor

Course descriptions are found in the Bulletin.
See also our list of cognate courses.

Table Key

CM = Network, Communication, and Information SystemsMM = MEMS & Microsystems
CT = Control SystemsOP = Optics & Photonics
CV = Computer VisionPE = Power & Energy
EM = Applied Electromagetics & RF CircuitsRO = Robotics
ES = Embedded SystemsSP = Signal & Image Processing and Machine Learning
IC = Integrated Circuits & VSLISS = Solid State & Nanotechnology

NOTE: New courses will appear at the bottom of the table. Click “Course Name & Number” to see all courses listed in numerical order.

wdt_ID Course Number & Name Credits CM CT CV EM ES IC MM OP PE RO SP SS
1 EECS 411. Microwave Circuits I 4 E M E
2 EECS 413. Monolithic Amplifier Circuits 4 M E
3 EECS 414. Introduction to MEMS 4 E M
4 EECS 417 (BIOMEDE 417). Electrical Biophysics 4
5 EECS 418. Power Electronics 4 E E E
6 EECS 419. Electric Machinery and Drives 4 E
8 EECS 420. Physical Principles Underlying Smart Devices 4
9 EECS 421. Properties of Transistors 4 E E
10 EECS 423. Solid-State Device Laboratory 4 E E
11 EECS 425. Integrated Microsystems Laboratory 4 M E M E
Course Number & Name Credits CM CT CV EM ES IC MM OP PE RO SP SS