Student Ambassadors

Our Student Ambassadors provide opportunities for you to connect with current students to hear about their experience in the ECE program at the University of Michigan. Student ambassadors help the ECE program with recruitment, outreach, alumni connections, and fundraising events. Contact them if you are interested in knowing their perspective on the Michigan experience.

Note: More ambassadors will be added on a rolling basis.

PhD Ambassadors

Laura Andre

Laura Andre
Optics & Photonics

Lauren Cooper headshot

Lauren Cooper
Optics & Photonics

Rebecca Lentz headshot

Rebecca Lentz
Solid-State Devices & Nanotechnology

Subhajit Mohanty headshot

Subhajit Mohanty
Solid-State Devices & Nanotechnology

Alex Ritchie

Alex Ritchie
Signal & Image Processing & Machine Learning

Behnoush Rostami headshot

Behnoush Rostami
MEMS & Microsystems

Tony Zhang

Tony Zhang
Embedded Systems; Signal & Image Processing & Machine Learning

Master’s Ambassadors

Shashank Chandrasekaran headshot

Shashank Chandrasekaran
Power & Energy

Yuan Cheng headshot

Yuan Cheng
Computer Vision; Network, Communications, & Information Systems; Robotics & Autonomous Systems

Michelle Gehner
Applied Electromagnetics & RF Circuits

Soni Mohanty headshot

Soni Mohanty
Signal & Image Processing and Machine Learning

Ashwin Soorya Prakash headshot

Ashwin Soorya Prakash
Embedded Systems

Darshan Raajasekaran headshot

Darshan Raajasekaran
Network, Communications, & Information Systems

Joe Rottner headshot

Joe Rottner
Network, Communications, & Information Systems

Undergraduate Ambassadors

Michaela Garvey headshot

Michaela Garvey
EE student

Ben King headshot

Ben King
EE student

Meghana Kowsika headshot

Meghana Kowsika
CE student

Nicholas Peabody headshot

Nicholas Peabody
EE student

Jiayao Su headshot

Jiayao Su
EE student

Christine Sung headshot

Christine Sung
EE student

Yuchen Wu headshot

Yuchen Wu
CE student