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STARX students

Student Organizations & Teams

A comprehensive list of all the student organizations on campus. A great place to start getting involved!

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Michigan theater

Explore U-M, Ann Arbor, and Michigan

A list of things you can or should do during your time here. Remember to take advantage of all the great things the area has to offer.

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Dan Henne, Rec Sports

Recreational Center and Rec Sports

As a student, you have access to the recreational (fitness) centers on campus. Find out more about the sports leagues as well as exercise and fitness programs here.

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Students at JPL in CA

Student News

Latest news about student activities, awards, and profiles.

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Lunar New Year Tai Chi


All student events >
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ECE Expeditions >
Check out the Expeditions page for info on VIP tours of companies.

Cultural & Diversity Events >
Our cultural & diversity events celebrate the diversity of our community and make everyone feel at home.

group photo of student ambassadors

ECE Student Ambassadors

Student ambassadors are the student representatives for the ECE department at alumni, recruiting, and fundraising events. Contact them with questions about the department.

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North Campus - Wandering

Duderstadt Center

A collaborative space on North Campus that houses a variety of student resources for entertainment, productivity, and creativity.

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