Transfer Credits

Step 1: Complete 8 credits of graded graduate courses.

Step 2: Determine if transfer courses meet the following criteria:

  • Was a graduate level course
  • Received a “B” grade or higher
  • Was not used to satisfy degree requirements for your undergraduate or graduate degree. (In other words, if you deleted the courses from your record, you will still be able to get your degree.)

Step 3: Obtain the necessary paperwork.

For credits earned at one of the University of Michigan campuses (up to 15 credits)

  • Obtain an official letter from your undergraduate or graduate program advisor stating that the credits meet all the criteria in Step 2.
    • EE or CE undergraduate students at the UMich-Ann Arbor campus can request this letter here. Click “To request a letter as a CE/EE student”.

For credits earned at a different institution (up to 6 credits)

  • Provide the following for each course:
    • A copy of transcript showing the course and grade (unofficial is okay).
    • Catalog course description for each course
    • Course syllabus, exams and quizzes, lecture slides for each course (if available)
  • If taken while earning your undergraduate or graduate degree, obtain an official letter from the institution/program’s auditor/evaluator/registrar stating that the credits meet all the criteria in Step 2.

Step 4: Complete online application.

  • Go to the Rackham transfer portal and sign-in
    • Enter information in the required fields.
      • Enter the MS Graduate Program Coordinator‘s name and uniqname in the Graduate Chair Information fields.  
        (Submitting the wrong name and uniqname will cause delays in the approval process.)
    • Upload all necessary documents (i.e. official letter, forms, supplemental materials)
  • The ECE Graduate Program Coordinator will submit your application packet to the Program Chair for review.
  • You will be notified of the decision within 4-6 weeks.