EECS 513: Flat Panel Displays

InstructorProfessor Jerzy Kanicki

This course provides fundamental understanding of the physics, basic operating principles, and opto-electronic properties of the fla t panel displays based on amorphous, polycrystalline and crystalline inorganic and/or organic semiconductor devices. The flat panel display technologies such as activematrix liquid crystal displays, reflective liquid crystal and MEMS displays, active-matrix organic light emitting displays, touch panel displays and flexible displays will be discussed. Both basic physics and practical issues (such as materials and device requirements, device configurations, fabrications methods, and driving techniques) of different display technologies are addressed. The development and technology aspects relevant to each particular flat panel displays will be discussed in detail.

This course is intended for undergraduate seniors and graduate students. It is an introductory course designed for students not familiar with fl at panel display technologies. Course pre-requisites are selected to allow students from many engineering or science disciplines including mechanical, electrical, chemical, aerospace, biomedical and materials engineering to take the course. The course is organized into lecture format. The lectures present material that ALL students need to learn. The following academic background would help in better understanding the content of this course: (i) college math and calculus, and differential equations; (ii) basic college level physics; (iii) college level material sciences and optics, and/or (iv) some introductory fundamental knowledge in devices and circuits.