EECS 300: Electrical Engineering Systems Design II

InstructorBrian Gilchrist

Credits: 3 credits


EECS 300 is a new design-oriented course. It counts as an upper level EE elective for EE students who entered the CoE prior to Fall 2019, and it is a required part of the EE degree program for anyone who enters the CoE starting in Fall 2019. In this course, students will work with embedded systems, signal processing, analog and digital sensors, power systems, wireless communication, and more as part of their design project.

The purpose of this course is to develop design skills, apply and deepen the knowledge gained in core EECS courses (215, 216, 230, 280), and allow for the exploration of more advanced topics as part of a design project with real world relevance. In Winter 2021, the design project will be focused on applying the growing world of “Internet of Things” technologies to create solutions that help enhance campus safety for students, faculty, and staff in COVID-19 pandemic times. All design goals and specifications for the course project will be driven by realistic project needs. The project will involve tracking the number of people entering and exiting a building, classroom, or open study areas.

For CE students, this course counts as a FTE

For EE students who entered the CoE before FA19, this course counts as an ULEEE

For EE students who entered the CoE FA19 and later, this course is required

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Overrides are being approved for the following temporary Prerequisites/Corequisites for W21 (contact Prof. Gilchrist at [email protected])

Prerequisite Waived: EECS 200 

Prerequisites: Minimum 2 of 4 215/216/230/280; 

Co-requisites: Remaining 2 of 215/216/230/280; else, special permission of instructor (contact Prof. Gilchrist at [email protected])

No textbook required.

Assignments are weighted by group: 

Labs 30%
Final Project: 40%
Attendance / Participation / Other Assignments 15%
Project Management and Organization: 15%
Total 100%