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Who’d have guessed? The Friars are (pretty much) all EECS and engineering students!

Everyone in the U-M a cappella group is enrolled in an engineering major or minor – and their timing is great.

Christopher Rutledge honored with the 2023 Willie Hobbs Moore Distinguished Alumni Lectureship

Rutledge shared his journey from growing up in rural East Texas to becoming a Distinguished Engineer at Verizon, one of the biggest telecommunications companies in the world.

Andrew Wintenberg awarded Predoctoral Fellowship to support research impacting the safety of smart systems

Wintenberg is developing computer algorithms and tools to improve the security of cyber and cyber-physical systems.

Yan Long awarded Predoctoral Fellowship to support research impacting secure communications

Long aims to ensure that the information received from sensing devices is not only trustworthy, but also confidential.

Aditya Varma Muppala awarded Predoctoral Fellowship to support research impacting imaging systems

Aditya is creating high-resolution, accessible, scalable, and portable imaging radars that are 200x cheaper and 100x smaller than what is currently available.

Ishtiaque Navid awarded Predoctoral Fellowship to support research impacting green energy

Navid is exploiting III-Nitride nanostructures for artificial photosynthesis and next generation nanoscale optoelectronics.

Sangmin Yoo awarded Predoctoral Fellowship to support research impacting next generation computing

Yoo is making memory devices more flexible and tunable, making them irresistible for modern AI applications.

Bahareh Hadidian awarded Barbour Scholarship to support research impacting wireless communications

Hadidian’s research is focused on high-frequency fully integrated circuits for the next generation of wireless communications and sensing technologies.

From new material to device: Ferroelectric HEMT could be a game changer for next generation electronics

Prof. Zetian Mi’s team proved the viability of a reconfigurable, ScAlN/AlGaN/GaN ferroelectric HEMT transistor that is critical for next-generation communication and computing systems

Parag Deotare awarded DURIP grant to probe exciton energy transport at nanoscale

The tool is expected to advance the study of exciton dynamics, which could help identify new research directions for clean energy and information technology.

Ishtiaque Ahmed Navid awarded the Richard and Eleanor Towner Prize for Distinguished Academic Achievement

Navid focuses on developing nanomaterials for artificial photosynthesis and optoelectronic devices.

Ruba Borno, VP of Amazon Web Services and ECE Alum, stresses empathy and accountability in leadership

Borno, an ECE Rising Star Award winner, recently spoke about her experience in leadership during the pandemic, how her refugee background shaped her life, and why she literally climbs a mountain a year.

UG student Ali Hammoud to present his winning Code-a-Chip design at ISSCC 2023

Hammoud’s project is based on the open-source hardware design tool called OpenFASoC, developed at Michigan.

ECE alum Kai Cui empowers consumers to make sustainable fashion choices with her new app

Cui is the founder and CEO of CarbonTag™, a startup that developed the first carbon emission calculator for consumer fashion products.

Ishtiaque Navid receives SVCF Scholarship to support his research in semiconductor materials

Navid’s research is focused on artificial photosynthesis and optoelectronics using III-Nitride based semiconductor materials.

Arthur Xiao receives SVCF Scholarship to support his research in semiconductor materials

Xiao has been working on several projects in Prof. Zetian’s Mi’s group, including micro LED technology and renewable energy.

Nanoscale ferroelectric semiconductor could power AI and post-Moore’s Law computing on a phone

Next-gen computing material gets down to the right size for modern manufacturing.

Five EECS faculty receive Ted Kennedy Family Faculty Team Excellence Award

These faculty each contributed toward a successful center that developed specialized hardware “building blocks” for a range of applications.

Jeff Fessler receives Stephen S. Attwood Award

Prof. Fessler has made lasting contributions to the field of medical imaging, which has led to safer imaging techniques for countless individuals.

Euisik Yoon receives Monroe-Brown Foundation Research Excellence Award

Prof. Yoon is a world-class researcher and innovator in the field of MEMS and microsystems, whose research has impacted our understanding of the brain, and the efficacy of cancer treatment.

Jay Guo receives Wise-Najafi Prize

Prof. Guo’s research in the miniature world is being commercialized by two different companies he co-founded, and has also been licensed to a third company.

Brian Gilchrist receives Neil Van Eenam Memorial Undergraduate Teaching Award

Prof. Gilchrist has devoted his career to engaging undergraduate students in research and providing them opportunities to participate in real-world team-based projects.

LNF Poster Winners announced

The winning research focused on emitting white light with OLEDs, improving atomic layer deposition methods, and high efficiency green and red MicroLEDs for AR/VR.

Scalable method to manufacture thin film transistors achieves ultra-clean interface for high performance, low-voltage device operation

Led by Prof. Becky Peterson, the research focuses on a category of materials important for low power logic operations, high pixel density screens, touch screens, and haptic displays.

ECE sweeps LNF calendar photo contest

The winners for this year’s LNF calendar photo contest were all ECE students.

Laura Balzano receives 2023 MLK Spirit Award

Prof. Balzano has contributed in many ways to promoting an inclusive environment for her students, and is a model for her colleagues.

Vijay Subramanian receives 2023 Ernest and Bettine Kuh Distinguished Faculty Award

The award recognizes Subramanian’s outstanding research, service, and teaching in the area of networked systems.

Mohammad Aamir Sohail awarded inaugural Quad Fellowship in recognition of his excellence in quantum research and international cooperation

Sohail, a PhD student, is one of four U-M students to receive the fellowship, which is given to top graduate students from Australia, India, Japan, and the United States.

Six ECE staff recognized for their outstanding contributions to the ECE community

Silvia Cardarelli, Gordy Carichner, Michelle Chapman, Julia Falkovitch-Khain, Robert Gordenker, and Linda Scovel are the 2022 recipients of the CoE Staff Incentive Award

Six ECE faculty will help shape the future of semiconductors as part of the JUMP 2.0 program

Elaheh Ahmadi, David Blaauw, Michael Flynn, Hun-Seok Kim, Hessam Mahdavifar, and Zhengya Zhang bring their expertise and creativity to this nationwide undertaking in the area of semiconductors and information & communication technologies.

Centenarian and alumnus Gus Gaynor: tech leader, entrepreneur, and communicator

Gaynor’s remarkable career as an entrepreneur, director of engineering at 3M, author, and long-time volunteer for IEEE spanned more than seven decades.

Kamal Rudra named a JN Tata Scholar

This highly selective scholarship is awarded to students from India studying overseas.

Prof. Emerita Lynn Conway to be inducted into National Inventors Hall of Fame

She is recognized for her role in transforming the global microelectronics industry with the invention of VLSI, or Very Large-Scale Integration.

Cheap, sustainable hydrogen through solar power

Withstanding high temperatures and the light of 160 suns, a new catalyst is ten times more efficient than previous sun-powered water-splitting devices of its kind.

Equity in the energy technology transition is new Institute’s goal

The Institute for Energy Solutions, which includes many ECE faculty, will continue U-M’s 75-year legacy of leadership in energy research.

A brain game may predict your risk of infection

When a person’s cognitive function is highly variable, they’re likely to be more infectious and have more symptoms after exposure to a respiratory virus.