WIMS Seminar

Taking Inertial MEMS Products to the Market Place

Mr. Robert Sulouff

Director of Business Development
Analog Devices, Micromachined Products Division
21 Osborn St., Cambridge, MA 02139
617-761-7656; [email protected]
Accelerometers and Gyroscopes have found wide market acceptance in the last 10 years. These inertial type products have been difficult to bring to market due to a combination of technical and application issues as well as significant market demands. The author will describe the technology of integrated surface micromachined accelerometers and gyroscopes with special emphasis on the "lessons learned" in the last 10 years of production. Since this product area has been lead by automotive applications the author will draw examples from air-bag and other transportation examples. An update on the current development activity and a look ahead into the future of integrated devices and inertial products will also be presented.

Mr. Sulouff is the Director of Business Development for the Micromachined products Division of Analog Devices Inc., Cambridge Massachusetts. He has lead the start-up of an Optical MEMS business area at Analog Devices recently, and is now addressing the longer term strategic opportunities in BioMEMS and RFMEMS as well as special projects. He joined ADI 9 years ago as the Product Line Director for Accelerometers and took the business from it’s first sales to the world’s major market share producer of accelerometers. Prior to ADI, for 7 years he was the Manager of Advanced Sensor Technology for Siemens Automotive, leading a MEMS R&D facility in the US and developing suppliers for production. Preceding Siemens he was the Manager of Advance Sensor for Honeywell, Solid State Electronics Center in Plymouth Minnesota for 4 years. Mr. Sulouff was the VP of Engineering and Technology at a start-up he help found, Insouth Microsystems, Auburn Alabama; where he invented the first commercial MEMS accelerometer (G-Chip). He has over 30 published papers, 2 patents in accelerometer design and is an active organizing member of several international technical conferences in MEMS. Educated at the University of Central Florida with BS and MS degrees in engineering materials with executive course work at MIT Sloan.

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