Quantum Science Seminar

Engineering of atomic and solid-state quantum emitters for sensing

Jennifer ChoyAssistant Professor, Electrical and Computer EngineeringUW–Madison

Jennifer Choy, Assistant Professor at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at UW–Madison, will be presenting “Engineering of atomic and solid-state quantum emitters for sensing” as part of the Quantum Research Institute’s winter seminar series from 11am – noon in the Henderson Room (3rd floor) in the Michigan League. A Zoom option is also provided.

Seminar Description:

I will describe the realization of quantum sensors based on two material platforms: alkali atoms such as rubidium, and spin defects in diamond. These platforms have complementary properties that make each uniquely advantageous for certain sensing applications, as well as challenges that currently limit their sensing performance and functionality. I will discuss engineering approaches to miniaturize and improve the performance of quantum sensors, including photonic-integration of atomic magnetometers, improving light-matter interactions with solid-state spin defects, and stabilization of near-surface quantum emitters through surface treatments.