MIDAS Seminar | Symposium

MIDAS mini-symposium | Generative AI: Diffusion Models for Scientific Machine Learning

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Recently, diffusion models have emerged as a powerful new family of deep generative models with record-breaking performance in many applications, including image generation, audio synthesis, inverse problem solving, and many scientific disciplines. However, despite their impressive results, they also encounter numerous challenges and constraints that inhibit their practical implementation in many scientific pursuits. Therefore, this MIDAS symposium will serve as a timely platform where experts and researchers from both methodology and application research fields will explore the latest progress and developments in generative AI and diffusion models, and delve into the application of these models in scientific and medical fields, which will become a prime venue for idea exchange and fostering research partnerships in this emerging field.

*Please note that photography will be in use during this event. If you do not wish to have your photo published, please pick up a red lanyard during check-in.