ECE Seminar

Integrated silicon and quantum photonics with on-chip light sources

Dr. Yating WanAssistant ProfessorKAUSTDr. Chen ShangResearch FellowUniversity of California, Santa Barbara
3316 EECS BuildingMap

Abstract: Integrated silicon photonics has sparked a significant ramp-up of investment in both academia and industry as a scalable, power-efficient, and eco-friendly solution. At the heart of this platform is the silicon-based light source, which has been the focus of research extensively. The first half of this talk tries to tackle this issue from two perspectives: monolithic direct epitaxial growth and heterogeneous wafer bonding of III-V quantum dot (QD) gain medium on the silicon substrate for high-performance laser integration.

In addition to numerous classical applications, semiconductor QDs, coined as “artificial atoms”, also feature unparalleled optical properties as single photon sources, performing well beyond any other physical platforms in terms of quantum efficiency, photon generation rate, and emission linewidth.  The 2nd half of this talk will discuss the development of diffusion-driven site controlled QD single photon emitters based on the same integration platform.


This event will be recorded and broadcast via zoom.

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Faculty Host

Di LiangProfessorUniversity of Michigan