Student Event

Hiring Opportunities at Ford Motor Company

Mike Brewer and ColleaguesSupervisor, Brake Controls AlgorithmFord

Mike Brewer, Global Chassis Controls
at Ford Motor Company, and his colleagues will
present an overview of Ford Motor Company
as well as a summary of recent and upcoming
features that have been developed by the Chassis
Controls department.

And – Ford is hiring! You will hear about an
opportunity to drive the latest prototype vehicles
while engineering new safety and performance
related vehicle controls features.
Mike Brewer is Supervisor, Brake Controls
Algorithm at Ford Motor Company, located
in Dearborn, MI. Mike received his BS and MS
(concentration in dynamics) in Mechanical
Engineering from the University of Michigan. He
has been with Ford for the last 16 years, and has
been working in the Brake Controls Development
area for the last 14 years.

Sponsored by

Ford Motor Company