WIMS Seminar

Design of Low Noise CMOS Amplifiers

James R. Hellums, PhD

James R. Hellums,
TI Fellow
Texas Instruments

Methods to analyze noise and offset for several different amplifier topologies from CMOS and Bipolar technologies will be presented. Both single-ended and fully differential amplifiers will be included in the talk. The presentation will cover the noise models and mismatch models used in TI-SPICE. Results from the analysis will be applied to show how to design very low noise and offset amplifiers. Also analysis of resistive and switched-capacitor feedback amplifier systems will be presented.

Dr. James Hellums joined TI 22 years ago after working six and a half years at MOSTEK and Nova Monolithics, which he co-founded. In his career, he has designed of 49 product IC’s, 39 at TI. The areas in which he has worked includes Telecom, Wireless, DSL, Audio, Custom mixed-signal and catalog Data Converters, Opamps and Comparators. He was elected a TI Fellow in 1997.

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