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Waveguide Quantum Electrodynamics

Imran MirzaStudentPhysics Department

Photons are excellent carriers of information. They are fast and their interaction with the environment is weak. However, their interaction with each other is also very weak. This poses a considerable challenge on performing several quantum optics based information processing protocols, which require strong photon-photon interactions. As a solution, commonly atoms or atomic media are used as photon-photon interaction mediator, but in vacuum atom-light interaction also turns out to be quite weak. In this talk I'll discuss how guided photons coupled to quantum emitters (waveguide QED platforms) may be used to establish strong light-matter interaction. Additionally, I'll present how preferential emissions in the waveguide (chirality) can be used to enhance qubit-qubit entanglement. Finally, I'll also show how disordered waveguide QED architectures can influence the transport of single photons.

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