MICL Seminar

TECH TRENDS ?? Observations on the Latest Buzzwords and the Changing Face of Innovation in Mixed Signal Processing

Dave RobertsonVice President of Analog TechnologyAnalog Devices, Inc.

As Wall Street gets hold of terms like "Internet of Things"
or "The Cloud", the hype tends to distort some of the more interesting
and pragmatic technical issues behind the trends. This talk will take a
look at some of the "killer applications" from a technologists' perspective,
with some reflections on where we need to be looking for some
of the next breakthroughs. We'll also explore how the "maturity" of
the semiconductor industry is impacting how (and where) innovation
happens. Bonus feature: as time allows, we can also discuss strategies
for passing technical interviews.
Dave Robertson joined ADI right out of Dartmouth College
in 1985. During his 28 years at Analog, he has worked as a product
engineer, design engineer and product line manager. Dave is presently
the Vice President of Analog Technology, responsible for coordinating
the technology activities across ADIs business units, as well as the
Product Line Director for ADI's High Speed Converter product group..
Dave has worked on a variety of high speed ADCs and DACs-on CB,
BiCMOS, and CMOS processes. He has also been heavily involved in
some of the "application specific" businesses, including PRML Disk Drive,
ADSL, Digital Camera, and Mobile TV (all with a converter emphasis). He
holds 15 patents, and has published numerous papers, seminars and
tutorial on mixed signal circuits. He served on the ISSCC technical program
committee from 2000 through 2008, chairing the Analog and Data
Converter subcommittees from 2002 to 2008.

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