WIMS Seminar

Roles & Challenges for Technology CAD in Process Technology & Product Development

Dr. Shiuh-Wuu Lee

Dr. Shiuh-Wuu Lee
TCAD Division
Logic Technology Development Group
Intel Corporation
Folsom, California
The semiconductor industry is facing an increasingly complex set of challenges in its quest to continue the exponential growth of the past 2 decades. This presentation will highlight some of the challenges in process technology including device scaling, lithography, materials, and process variation. This talk will also highlight in parallel the important emerging issues in product design including power, SER, GHz interconnect, design under random and systematic variations, SOC, etc. To successfully meet these challenges, it requires a concerted and coordinated effort within the semiconductor industry and the EDA vendors, and between the semiconductor/EDA industry and our leading universities. It will require participants from a multitude of disciplines including device physicists, material scientists, mechanical engineering specialists, chemists, computer scientists, etc. The critical roles of Technology CAD and the particular areas of industry-university partnership will be discussed.

Presenter Bio:
Shiuh-Wuu Lee is a co-director of the TCAD Division of the Logic Technology Development Group. He received a BS, MS & PhD in ECE from the University of Michigan in 1980. He's doctoral research was under the guidance of Professor George Haddad. Shiuh-Wuu joined AT&T Bell Labs and worked on computer modeling/simulation of semiconductor processes & devices. He joined the Intel Corp. in 1987 as a member of the Central Yield Engineering Group where he focused on CAD applications & support for manufacturing. In 1990 he joined the Intel Technology CAD (TCAD) Division, with the focus in R&D on device modeling, novel device characterization & circuit/technology assessment for CMOS & BiCMOS technologies. In 2000 he moved into the role he currently holds. Shiuh-Wuu is a member of IEEE, active in SRC mentoring & has published over 40 technical journal/conference papers.

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