Control Seminar

Powertrain Electrification:Taking Advanced Control Systems out of the Lab and on to the Road

Ryan McGeeSupervisor, Vehicle Controls Architecture and Algorithm DesignFord Motor Company

Powertrain electrification is a promising technology for increasing the fuel efficiency of automobiles. The vehicle control system is a key enabling technology for delivering the required vehicle attributes including fuel economy, drivability, and performance. This talk will look at the challenges with taking powertrain electrification control systems out of the laboratory and on to the road. Examples from both a production HEV program along with various research projects will be given.
Ryan McGee received a Bachelor's of Science from Cornell University in 1997, a Master's of Engineering from Cornell University in 1998 and an MBA from the University of Michigan in 2004. He is currently the supervisor of Vehicle Controls Development in Ford's Research and Advanced Engineering Organization. He has been with Ford since 1998. His research interests include optimal and intelligent control as applied to electrified vehicles.

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Bosch, Eaton, Ford, GM, Toyota, Whirlpool and the MathWorks