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ECE Pie a Prof Challenge- Pieing

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Vote for a chance to see ECE faculty members get pied!

ECE is hosting a Pie a Prof Challenge fundraiser to help raise money for three different department funds (please see the fund description below). Six faculty members have volunteered to represent one of the ECE funds that they feel most passionate about and will battle to see who can get the most dollars as well as votes so that they can get pied on Pi Day! The participating faculty and voting link will be shared on 3/4/24.

Please note that although there are multiple faculty members representing a single fund they are not on a team and are competing against everyone.

Voting will run from March 4-13th (voting ending at 11:59pm on 3/13/24).

Top three winners will get pied

  • #1 most amount raised- 2 pies
  • #2 most number of votes- 1 pie
  • #3 2nd amount raised- 1 pie
***if a faculty member has the most amount raised and most number votes, the next faculty that raised the most will be pied***

Make a gift of your choosing (minimum $5 will count as 1 vote), and cast your vote by Wednesday, March 13, 11:59pm ET. Each time you give $5 or more, you are casting one vote. We welcome you to vote as many times as you would like. The top three winners and the pie throwers will be announced during Pi Day (3/14/23) during the Pie a Prof Challenge Pieing at the EECS Atrium from 1:30-2:00pm. Please be sure to follow us on Instagram (@umichece) to watch the livestream of the event.

Looking forward to sharing the results with you on Pi Day!


About the Funds 

ECE Junior Faculty Enhancement Fund 

It is often our young faculty that blaze new trails and pave the way for wide-ranging applications from single discoveries. In recognition of the importance of our younger faculty, we established this expendable fund to support our junior faculty. Their impact as role models, leaders, and innovators cannot be overstated. Supporting this fund will allow us to be more competitive in recruiting and retaining the best and brightest individuals – which is critical to our continued success.

ECE Scholars Fund 

This fund provides financial awards to offset the cost of tuition for ECE undergraduate and graduate students allowing our students to focus on their academic pursuits.

ECE Fund

With an area as broad as Electrical and Computer Engineering, our faculty and students get involved in far-reaching and diverse activities. The ECE fund supports a wide variety of educational activities and initiatives, including research and professional opportunities for our students, community outreach, engagement of strategic partners, as well as a wide variety of initiatives developed to improve the educational experience of our students, and recognize and retain outstanding faculty and students.



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