Solid-State and Nano Seminar

One-Day MEMS Simulation Workshop

Dr. Mary Ann MaherCEO of SoftMEMS LLC

The hands-on workshop covers the following:

Physical Design Tools-Creating Models from Mask LayoutMEMS Physical Layout (Drawing MEMS Layout in an IC layout editor-Curvilinear primitives and all angle approximations; Layout Macros: Etch holes and dimples creation using macros; Import/Export from AutoCAD- tricks and hints; Using Parameterized MEMS Librar y elements- example devices; MEMS and CMOS MEMS physical layout issues)

Solid Modeling and 3D Tools (MEMS Pro Material Properties Editor; MEMS Process steps- Fabrication process definition editor; 3D visualization and cross sec tion of MEMS structures; Fabrication Process documentation; Boundary conditions editor for finite element analysis; Defeaturing models for efficient finite element analysis; Export to FEM-3D and 2D models)

SYSTEM SIMULATION TOOLS- Simulating MEMS and Electronics (MEMS Behavioral Modeling Overview; Multi-domain simulation "“ hierarchical symbolic models for MEMS; Multidomain signals in MEMS- electronic, thermal, mechanical, fluidic, etc.; Representing coupled physics MEMS with behavioral models in 6 DOF; MEMS modeling- analytical equations in C, tables, Verilog-A, VHDL-AMS, equivalent circuits- in SPICE; MEMS symbol library examples- beams, comb drives, springs etc.; Automatic Model creation from equations; Simulation of MEMS and Electronics- Gyroscope; Optional: Simulating MEMS Pack aging effects example)

MEMS Statistical Simulation (Time domain and frequenc y domain behavioral simulation of MEMS; Parametric analysis; Statistical analysis and Monte Carlo- process and geometry variations; Statistical analysis example using fabrication data

Reduced Order Modeling (Reduced order modeling theory; Electro-static mechanical reduction of MEMS; System simulation of reduced Model)

Mary Ann Maher is the CEO of SoftMEMS LLC. She received her Ph.D. degree in 1989 from Caltech in the area of semiconductor device modeling. She subsequently conducted post-doctoral studies at the Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology (CSEM) in Neuchatel, Switzerland and joined Tanner Research in 1992 becoming the software architect for their IC design tools. She moved to MEMSCAP in 1999 as an Executive Vice President and became the company CTO in 2001. She founded SoftMEMS LLC in 2004 to address the need for co-design tools for systems incorporating MEMS sensors, electronics and packaging.

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