Dissertation Defense

Next-generation Michigan Probes: Flexible and Multi-color micro-LED Optoelectrodes

Eunah Ko
1340 EECS (LNF Conference Room)Map
Eunah Ko Defense Photo

Michigan type neural probe is the neural interface MEMS device for analyzing the neuronal signal directly from living cells. Through micro-nanofabrication technology, multiple electrical functions are engineered and integrated into the probe microsystem giving the capability of reading the neuron activities and perturbation of the cells for diverse neuroscience studies. One of the famous Michigan type probes is the micro-LED integrated silicon probe for optogenetic study, the optoelectrode.

    Recognizing the necessity to address the limitations of traditional optoelectrodes, this work emphasizes the technological advancement of microfabrication and assembly techniques for a next-generation micro-LED neural interface device. The project encompasses two primary objectives: firstly, the development of a fully flexible micro-LED integrated opto-electrode capable of long-term chronic applications, and secondly, the creation of a multi-color system enabling comprehensive control and analysis of neuronal circuitry. Each section delves into the engineering challenges and corresponding solutions related to system design, with a primary emphasis on advancements in micro-nanofabrication process architecture design. 


CHAIR: Professor Euisik Yoon