WIMS Seminar

Middle Ear Implantable Hearing Systems

Professor Rong Gan

Professor Rong Gan: Foster Chair Professor, School of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, University of Oklahoma, 865 Asp Avenue, Room 212, Norman, Oklahoma 73019-1052.
The middle ear implantable hearing device (MEIHD) is a new emerging technology for sound amplification. It works on the biomechanical principle that sound energy can directly drive middle ear ossicles by non-acoustic transmission. The MEIHD, using piezoelectric or electromagnetic actuation drivers, provides a more direct and efficient drive of the ossicles and their attachments by means of a surgical implant, eliminating distortion and improving sound fidelity. Currently, there are two out of five devices which have been approved by the FDA for sales in the US, Canada, and Europe. This talk will focus on the Oklahoma SOUNDTEC Direct System, which is one of the two that is FDA approved. We will cover the mechanism, design, bench acoustic testing, finite element modeling, in vitro experiments with human temporal bones, and clinical trials. Also, a brief introduction of the research on totally implantable hearing system will be included.

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