Control Seminar

Mechatronics and Rapid Control Prototyping for R&D

Jacob ApkarianFounder, Chairman and CTOQuanser

Quanser's R&D is focused on Robotics, Haptics and Unmanned Vehicles. The presentation will highlight some of our work with special emphasis on the mechatronic approach and rapid control prototyping methods that we apply to expedite this type of development. I will describe our projects in the applications of haptics in unmanned ground vehicle control, telesurgery, rehabilitation and medical simulation. I will also describe our work in unmanned aerial vehicles and cooperative control of unmanned system. A unified approach in designing and deploying these systems will be presented.

Dr. Jacob Apkarian founded Quanser Consulting Inc in 1990 to enhance and advance control theory education. Since that time, he has taken the company to world-renown in the academic and research realms and to recognition as a global leader in the development of real-time control systems and services for industry.
As Quanser’s CTO, Dr. Apkarian is responsible for the company’s R&D direction. With Paul Gilbert, CEO, he shares the vision development for the company’s overall business, but his main interest remains in research and development where he has the opportunity to explore new ideas in control and create imaginative new systems for Quanser’s clients. With Dr. Apkarian at the helm, the mandate of the Quanser team is to enjoy innovation, impart knowledge and produce quality control technologies and solutions for both the industrial and educational marketplaces.
Under Dr. Apkarian’s direction, a world-class team of highly specialized engineers, at both the Ph.D. & Masters levels with mechanical, electrical, electronic and controls expertise, devote almost 100 percent of their time to research and development activities.
Dr. Apkarian holds a Ph.D. in Bio-Medical Engineering and Masters of Science in Control Systems from the University of Toronto, as well as a Bachelor of Engineering from McGill University. He also holds an appointment as adjunct professor at the University of Toronto.
Dr. Apkarian began his career teaching Electrical Engineering at the University of British Columbia. Before launching Quanser, he held positions as Robotics and Assistive Devices Director at Lyndhurst Hospital and Senior Engineer at Spar Aerospace, where he contributed to the development of several key projects, including control systems for the Canada Space Arm and components of the Space Station.

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