LNF Seminar

LNF Users Symposium

Prof. Euisik YoonBiointerface Technologies: Where Engineering Meets Science and MedicineU-M ECE

Building upon the success of past events, we continue our annual tradition of bringing the whole LNF community together to learn about each other's work and celebrate the wide variety of research being done at the LNF.
The symposium is free and open to all but please register "“ Online registration is available here. In addition, LNF tours can be scheduled at the end of the symposium for those interested. Food will be provided.
If you are an LNF user, participate in the poster contest and share your research! There are cash prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

Tentative agenda

10:00am: Welcome from Professor Wei Lu, LNF Director
10:15am "“ 11:15am: Keynote Speaker, Professor Euisik Yoon, Biointerface Technologies: Where Engineering Meets Science and Medicine
11:15am "“ 1:20pm: LNF Users Poster Sessions with over 40 posters and excellent food!
Vendor Exhibition!
LNF Users Tech Talks, part I
2:30pm "“ 2:45pm: Coffee Break
LNF Users Tech Talks, part II
4:05pm: Poster Prizes and Wrap Up
4:30pm: Adjourn and LNF tours for those who signed up

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