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ECE Virtual Expedition: International

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As we continue to adjust to a virtual world, Michigan ECE is excited to announce our 2021 International Expedition program. This experience will feature multiple events throughout the semester as we explore a variety of companies that are central to electrical and computer engineering. 

These events are open to all ECE students – undergraduate, masters, and PhD levels. The goal of this student experience is to highlight the broad range of opportunities available to you post-graduation, and better understand the role of ECE in everyday life. ECE is working closely with each company to provide an interactive experience.

Students can register for as many Expedition International events as they’d like, though we ask you please remember the companies are volunteering their time to “host” our group. We understand schedule conflicts arise, but ask you to do your best to attend if you can.


About National Acoustic Laboratories:

The National Acoustic Laboratories (NAL) is an Australian government-funded center that conducts research into hearing loss. It has a diverse staff of 40 career researchers consisting of engineers, audiologists, psychologists, speech pathologists and other disciplines. NAL conducts research into all aspects of hearing loss, with a focus on having an impact on the field of hearing health care. In addition to publishing influential papers on the nature and treatment of hearing loss, NAL has developed several hearing technologies that are in use worldwide: a novel beamformer being used in commercial devices to help with understanding speech in a noisy environment; NAL-NL2, the most widely used algorithm for fitting hearing aids to someone’s hearing loss; Hearlab, an EEG system used to measure speech reception in the brain; iVRA, an iOS-based system that uniquely measures the hearing ability of babies; and more recently a series of technologies based on telehealth technology. NAL is a cross between an academic research lab and an innovation incubator and uses Silicon Valley innovation methodologies such as design thinking and lean startup MVPs.


Deadline to register is February 25, 2021 5pm ET

Once your registration is confirmed, you will receive Zoom details and a calendar invite via email.


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