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Customer Discovery

Viktor BrandtnerisDirector of Ann Arbor SPARK's Entrepreneurial Boot Camp, NSF I-Corps TeacherBrandtneris Consulting

A few words from the host: Viktor was my teacher in the I-Corps program for technology commercialization. The material he will deliver in this talk is central to finding product-market fit, the most important task for a startup company. He is a compelling, entertaining, and concise speaker. Don't miss this talk.
It is remarkably common for new companies to channel resources into developing products that provide little value to potential customers. The result is massive waste and often needless business failure.

There is another way. Inexpensive (but difficult and time consuming) customer interviews can be used to find a match between what scientists and engineers are capable of providing and what potential customers need. Unfortunately, customer discovery isn't intuitive. Trying to learn it by trail and error can take a very long time. In this talk, you will learn enough to get started.
As Principal of Brandtneris Consulting, Viktor provides business-modeling services centered on the Lean-Start Up Customer Discovery process. Viktor is Director of Ann Arbor SPARK's Entrepreneurial Boot Camp and is on the national teaching faculty of the National Science Foundation's Innovation Corps (I-Corps) Commercialization program.

In his early career, Viktor worked in the computer industry in numerous Financial Planning and Modeling roles for companies including IBM and Computervision. He was also co-founder of the Devonshire Trust Company, a boutique money management and mutual fund company in Salem, Massachusetts.

He has an MBA in Finance \& Marketing from Boston College and a double major B.A. in Economics \& Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania.

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