WIMS Seminar

A MEMS Company Insight – Getting MEMS Technology to Market!

Arjun Selvakumar, Ph.D.

Arjun Selvakumar, Ph.D., VP, Product Development, Colibrys, Inc
Colibrys (www.colibrys.com) is a world-leading supplier of standard MEMS products and innovative custom MEMS solutions, undertaking design, development, wafer fab manufacturing, packaging and testing of MEMS devices and systems. Colibrys is focused primarily on high value-added custom market applications in sectors such as navigation and guidance, energy, telecommunications, life sciences, industrial applications and foundry services. Products range from magnetic print heads, optical micro-lenses, circuits and components for telecommunications, micro-optical illumination systems, and high-performance electro-mechanical accelerometers. The talk will provide an overview of the company, the recent acquisition of Applied MEMS, Inc., our strategic market focus areas, and an overview of our products and services.

Dr. Selvakumar is the Vice President of Product Development at Colibrys, Inc. He has previously held positions of Senior Staff Engineer and MEMS R&D Manager at Input/Output, Inc. and Applied MEMS, Inc. He earned a B.E. in Electrical Engineering from National Institute of Technology Trichy, India in 1989 and his M.S and Ph.D., in Electrical Engineering, from the Univ. of Michigan, in 1991 and 1997, respectively. His background and areas of interest lie in micromachined product development specifically in design, fabrication, packaging, testing and product integration into subsystems. Dr. Selvakumar has authored 3 refereed journal articles as well as 12 conference publications all in the area of MEMS. He is an inventor on 7 US patents, 1 issued and 6 pending.

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