Electrical and Computer Engineering
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Spotlight on Education

From Physics to EE

The origins of EE lie in the physics department, and early courses were taught in that building’s basement.
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When “Drawing Class” was a Thing

Early coursework in EE was rough – try sketching all your designs by hand!
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Computer and the VLSI Revolution

The education of modern computer hardware and design at Michigan can be traced back to the 1960s.
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A New Dept. for a New Era: ECE

As computer research grew prominent, program mergers expanded EE into a new ECE department.
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Henry Carhart and the first EE Course

Physics Prof. Carhart taught dynamo-electric machinery 16 years before the department was founded.
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The Stump Speakers

Sigma Rho Tau used to help students practice presenting their work with the Stump Speakers group.
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Amateur Radio Club

Founded in 1913, U-M had one of the first student amateur radio clubs in the United States.
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