WIMS Seminar

Wireless Sensor Network Technology Opportunities and Challenges

Dr. Anoop Mathur

Dr. Anoop Mathur,
Sr. Technology Manager,
Wireless Technologies and Embedded Control
Automation & Contol Solutions,
This talk will focus on the state of the art of industrial wireless technology, challenges, and opportunities. A vision for the future industrial plant is pervasive self powered, self healing, auto-configurable low cost MEMs based sensors in a reliable mesh communication network adaptively forming clusters to make smart processing decisions in the field. A fundamental enabling technology for this pervasive sensing is low power, reliable secure wireless communication network. This talk will describe an overview of some of the challenges and technologies in development to achieve this goal.

Anoop Mathur manages a global advanced technology group for Honeywell Automation and Control Solutions business. He is responsible for delivering wireless technologies for sensing and control products for industrial, building and residential markets.

Anoop has extensive experience developing and introducing diverse set of advanced technologies in his twenty-nine years at Honeywell. His contributions span development and applications of technologies such as model-based control, neural networks, fuzzy logic, genetic algorithms, advanced sensors for chemical process industries, advanced composites manufacture and commercial buildings.

He received the Honeywell's H.W. Sweatt Award – a Honeywell highest recognition for outstanding technical achievement of unusual significance -, in addition to three technical achievement awards and holds seven US patents. He has a passion for community service and was awarded Honeywell's Lifetime Community Service award. He has a Master in chemical engineering from University of Minnesota, an executive MBA from Carlson School of Management, Minnesota.

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