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Ultrafast Dynamics in Light-Molecule Strongly Coupled Systems

Dr. Bin LiuPostdoctoral Research AssociateCity University of New York


Light-molecule strongly coupled systems provide a functional platform for useful optical devices with sophisticated designs via fine control of the optical properties of the constituent materials. The dynamics of these optical systems are of importance for both fundamental theoretic understanding and device applications. We have employed ultrafast pump-probe technique to investigate the dynamics of some strongly coupled systems with different organic materials. First, I will discuss the role of long-lived excitons in the dynamics of organic cavities filled with spin-conversion molecules. Next, I will talk about the transient optical response near polariton states due to ultrafast thermal modification of the cavity. Finally, the dynamics of SPP-exciton strongly coupled system is studied at different excitation conditions.



Eva Ruff(734) 764-1533

Faculty Host

Professor Stephen ForrestProfessorOptoelectronic Components & Materials Group