MICL Seminar

Ubiquity of Wireless Sensor Nodes What are the Practical Challenges to Make it Happen?

Gangadhar BurraDirector of the Sensor Platform Group in Kilby LabsTexas Intruments

Wireless sensor nodes are the critical component in the evolution of ubiquitous connectivity. Applications for such nodes range from industrial to automotive to consumer areas. However, there are multiple challenges associated with making these connectable devices a reality. Some of these challenges are (a) ultra-low power radios and MCU's (b) smart sensors (c) ease of use and flexibility,etc. This talk attempts to outline a few of the applications for sensor nodes as well
as the design challenges. Design aspects that help optimize power consumption in all components of the sensor nodes are discussed.
I will also help describe some of the work on-going at the TI research labs (aka Kilby Labs) both in the area of sensor nodes as well as other research areas.
Gangadhar Burra is a TI Distinguished Member of Technical Staff. He is currently the director of the Senior Platform group in Kilby Labs. In this role, he is responsible for the design and development of ultra-low power sensor platforms including smart sensors, sensor AFE's and system algorithms. Previous to that, he was the Chief Technologist for the Wireless Connectivity Solutions BU, where he was responsible for identifying and development of new technologies associated with embedded wireless protocols and radios. Prior to this, he was the R&D manager for the development of multiple generations of FM transceiver cores which were a part of the TI combo-radio connectivity portfolio. Gangadhar started his career at TI as a design manager for the development of nano-meter CMOS circuits for multi-media applications, including the first ever published battery connected switching Class-D audio amplifier in 90 and 65nm CMOS processes. Prior to his tenure at TI, Gangadhar was a Senior Design Engineer at Analog Devices Inc., where he was primarily involved with the design of CMOS audio circuits for the consumer electronics market. Gangadhar has been a member of the ISSCC technical program committee since 2010.

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