ECE Seminar

Terahertz: The Last Untapped Spectrum

Ehsan AfshariAssociate ProfessorCornell University

There is an increasing interest in low cost THz systems for medical imaging, spectroscopy, and high data rate communication. Recent results in the lower THz frequencies (<600 GHz) suggests that a standard CMOS process can compete with compound semiconductors for some applications. In this talk, after a brief introduction to our research group at Cornell, we present a few "real" applications for the CMOS THz systems as well as a few "fake" ones. Next, we discuss major challenges in realizing these systems in CMOS. Moreover, we show several novel methods to overcome these challenges to generate mW-level powers at 300-500 GHz with relatively low noise using oscillators, amplifiers, and frequency multipliers. Finally, we show how similar approaches can result in >100 mW at terahertz frequencies using GaN HEMT devices.

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