Solid-State and Nano Seminar

Semiconductors and the Hunt for Sustainable Energy

Jasprit SinghProfessorUM, EECS and Applied Physics

The ever-giving sun sends the earth nearly 10,000 times the power humans currently use. How we divert and use this power with minimal disturbance to the earth's ecosystem is a complex challenge. Technologies based on semiconductors contribute to solutions in three ways: (1) Convert solar energy to electrical and chemical energy; (2) provide intelligence to use energy efficient technologies; and (3) provide guidance to make our journeys coherent thus greatly reducing the loss of usable energy.
This is the fourth seminar in a series of 6 talks on Sustainable Good Life and Technology by Prof. Singh.
Jasprit Singh (UM Professor, EECS and Applied Physics) explores using semiconductors for technologies that form the basis of The Knowledge Age. His additional research interests blend technology and ideas from yoga to explore new designs and practices intended to answer the question, How can the intersection of best lessons in technology and yoga reduce the gap between knowledge and action? The answers would lead towards practices and technologies that enhance mindfulness.

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